Friday, June 06, 2008

Texas Democratic Convention

I hear the work of the people is taking place in Austin this weekend, but so far it sounds like a party, and a good one.

The Texas Democratic Convention is underway, with about 10,000 delegates from across the state convening on Austin and vying for a spot in Denver.
Tim Kaine will be there to speak on behalf of Barack Obama, and word is that even Chelsea Clinton is making her way to town to speak to the blue masses.

I wasn't able to make it, but a number of our blog buds are there, and we'll be keeping track of their reports. They kicked things off with a bash last night called the Blogger's Caucus, and apparently, jobsanger REALLY enjoyed himself.

It's called the Blogger's Caucus, but let's be honest -- it's just a huge party where bloggers and politicians meet in a laid-back atmosphere, do a little drinking and swap stories. If there's a better party at the State Democratic Convention, I certainly haven't found it.

...OK, I was drunk. I'm sure I'll need a bottle of Ibuprofen to start the convention tomorrow. I knew it was time to leave when I heard my daughter threatening to "dry hump" State Rep. Lon Burnam (she got a bit drunk herself).

OK, I appreciate the report, but I'm sure your daughter will be talking to you about "What happens in Austin, stays in Austin."

K.T. at the Burnt Orange Report goes the more traditional route, but delivers this nugget for those of in Houston and Dallas regarding a contested seat on the DNC.

Sen. Royce West had a full ballroom, lots of worker bees, and many lapel stickers on delegates in his effort to defeat Rep. Al "Sexy Cheerleader" Edwards for a seat on the DNC. Word to the wise, do not get between a Texas State Senator and something he wants. Being Rep. Al Edwards only makes you more of a target apparently. Should be great fun to watch the Dallas and Houston delegations battle each other over this one with the rest of the state likely tipping the balance for this race Saturday.

Sounds like Sen. West wants that seat bad, and he'll probably get it. If it wasn't for Mr. Keeping it Real, Boris Miles antics last December, Al Edwards wouldn't even be back in the legislature.

I know the AfroSpear's Eddie Griffin is participating as a delegate, but I'm not sure how much blogging he'll be doing while there. Luckily for us, we have plenty of friends who are there, so we'll keep you updated.


Eddie G. Griffin said...

Sounds like I missed more than I saw. I did make the Black Caucus, however, and Royce West defeated Al Edwards for the at-large seat. On the other hand, I did zero blogging, just a couple of post-commentaries. Hate I missed the party. I know how Lon Burnam gets when he gets tipsy.

suhail said...

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