Thursday, May 08, 2008

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

I have this strange opinion that after you reach a certain station in life, you're supposed to leave the foolishness of your past behind. Looking at the legions of rappers, ball players, and entertainers who just stay in trouble over dumb stuff only reinforces that opinion. Dave Chappelle did a skit on his short-lived, but funny tv show called "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong." You can figure out the premise, and here's a real life example:

State Rep. Borris Miles pleaded not guilty at his arraignment this morning in a Harris County court.

Miles, a Houston Democrat, ...was indicted April 14 on two counts of deadly conduct stemming from complaints that he had brandished a pistol and made threats at two parties in December. host David Harris, decided to press charges after a drunken Miles shocked guests with loud, profane language, grabbed his face and planted a Godfather-style "kiss of death" on his cheeks. Harris also said Miles handed him a pistol and declared, "You don't know what I'm capable of doing."

Miles, in his first term representing District 146, which includes Sunnyside and the Third Ward, lost his re-election bid in the March Democratic primary to former state Rep. Al Edwards.

There's a lot more to this case, and I wish my boy @pbuzz would come in out of the cold for a little while, because I know he has the lowdown. All I can say is that sometimes its necessary to just leave the worst aspects of the hood behind.

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