Friday, June 13, 2008

Here Come The Professionals Part II (AKA, Is That The Best You Can DO?)

After eight years of George Bush as President, six of which featured a Republican dominated congress, what exactly can the Republicans rally around this election cycle against the Democrats and Barack Obama?

The war? That's a no go. The economy? Probably not. Education? Health Care? Environmental Issues? No, no, and hell no. So what does that leave?

Oh yeah, he's Black.

So is his wife. They attended a Black church. And, (John McCain will like this one) did you know he's fathered a Black child? Two actually. And he probably listens to rap music sometimes.

Well, I told folks a few weeks back that if they were upset by the tactics of the Clinton campaign team, just wait until the professional race-baiters got into the game. It looks like they've arrived.

Fox News posted this graphic today during a segment featuring Michelle Malkin.

Obama's Baby Mama. Ain't that about a..., wait, I won't even take it there. But this is pathetic. A Baby Mama typically is used in reference to mother of a child that the father did not marry, which is definitely not the case with the Obama's. But I guess I don't expect Fox News to know or care about that. In fact, how a person can watch more than 15 consecutive minutes of Fox News is beyond me. It takes all types, and types that Fox News attracts will eat this 'controversy' up.

I suppose the graphic has already served it's purpose. Namely, we're all talking about it. But I think that Fox and the Republican noise machine are going to have to come a lot harder than this or their other recent efforts if they really want to influence the opinion of anyone outside of their core viewing audience.

Think about it, what was last week's controversy? Oh yeah, the "Terrorist Fist Jab," otherwise known as dap or a pound where I'm from.

And before that is was Michelle allegedly calling White people "whitey" live on tape while seated next to Minister Farrakhan. That blockbuster tape was supposed to be released just in time to swing the Democratic nomination to Hillary, or it's being held as an 'October Surprise.' We're still waiting to see the alleged tape, which I highly doubt exists.

But I digress. This is just the beginning of the general election campaign so brace yourself for more shocking revelations about Black people, and plenty of slurs. In other words, much like a post-Bush, McCain presidency would bring, we have a lot more of the same coming.

The country deserves better than that.


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Big Tex said...

This "baby mama" crap is just the tip of the iceberg, it's going to get a lot uglier between now and November. I predict that there's going to be a lot of racial envelope-pushing before this is all over with - Karl Rove is rumored to be working for the McCain campaign, and the guy who made the Willie Horton ad is planning on rolling out a slew of anti-Obama attack ads too. We may even see some wingnuts reviving the word "negro," complete with the official Citizen's Council-approved pronunciation, "nigra." It's not going to be pretty, but as long as we hang together and fight back, we're going to prevail.

DP said...

monimtw - thank you for coming through and for your comment. I hope you make it back it back soon, and I will visit your blog soon as well.

Big Tex - I think its going to get crazier before its all over, especially if Mr. Dirty Tricks Rove joins the McCain campaign. I agree that as long as we hang together, we'll win this thing.

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