Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here Come The Professionals

Hey, watch out for that Swiftboat!

We all can see that the nomination process is basically a done deal, Hillary Clinton's likely victory tonight in Kentucky, and Geraldine Ferraro's continued insertion of her foot into her mouth notwithstanding. Barack Obama is going to be the nominee and the Democrats need to get into general election campaign mode.

That means getting ready for the attacks that are sure to come. Can anyone say Swiftboat? It's already started with George W. Bush's shameless breach of protocol in Israel, where he implied that the Democrats are in favor of a policy of appeasement. Monroe Anderson has some thoughts on exactly how these attacks will proceed as we move deeper into the general election.

It’s going to talk about his white momma. It’s going to rant about his former minister. It’s going to steadily signify that he’s either a Muslim or a cult Christian but definitely not a true red-blooded American.

It’s going to make way too much out of far too little. The right-wing echo chamber will label Barack as too liberal, too green, too lightweight, too lucky, too black, too white, too intelligent, too aloof, too soft, too young, too natty, too cool, too elite, too rock star and too good to be true. It’s all going to be too ugly for words.

No doubt he's right, but so far Obama has withstood the slime test. However the professionals are now coming onto the field, and we'll really get a chance to see what type of campaign team Barack Obama has. If Obama and the Democrats stand around and wait to be attacked, and then don't respond when attacked, they will lose.

They will have to make all of these attacks bounce back to McCain, and more importantly, they will need to focus on the ample material the Republicans have provided over the last eight years; war, recession, gas prices, food prices, our international standing, etc. I could go on but you get my point.

There's plenty to work with, so work with it.



I agree. The democrats need to get going and prepare themselves so that Obama's campaign can withstand and he can win the presidency. Go Obama!

Big Tex said...

I do believe that this is going to get a lot uglier before it's all over with. And McCain is going to be sitting on the sidelines the whole time, acting like he had nothing to do with it, pretending to be above the fray. And the media, predictably, will give him a pass, like they always do. But I think that Obama is strong enough to withstand the attacks, and after the nomination battle is over and the party comes together again, he's going to have a nice force field around him. The vociferous reaction to Bush's appeasement remarks is a good example of what I think we'll see during the general election campaign.

DP said...

@Health Nut - I hope they'll get it together, but it looks like Clinton is in for the long haul. I'm not sure what she's angling for, but it's obvious she hasn't gotten it yet.

@Big Tex - McCain has had a free ride so far, but with this much mud already slinging and more to come, he can't keep his hands clean forever. While overall I think the primary battle has been good for the Democrats and especially for Obama, now I believe its time to declare the nominee, and the sooner the better. It's definitely going to get ugly.