Monday, June 02, 2008

Caught in the (Denouncement) Loop

Denounce, Reject, Repeat. I said weeks ago that Barack Obama, through his desire to appeal to all people all of the time, risked getting himself caught in a Denouncement Loop.

Well, if last week is any indication, with Obama being forced to denounce a
guest Pastor at Trinity UCC, and leaving his church home of 20 years, I think he's there. AfroSpear blogger Black Canseco at Mr. HustleKnocker perhaps explains it best.

The day I trade my faith for someone else's approval is the day I cash out.

Obama on the other hand... He’s making deals with the devil in the name of winning over moderates and elections. Depending on whose offended by what, he jumps high and away. To the point that he’s left his church, a church that he’s claimed a 20 year membership because people who wouldn’t set foot in any black church outside an election year got offended. To the point that he renounces, repudiates—and all those other expedient phrases—anyone who offends critics and pundits, (the) opposition and voters, (or) jeopardizes his political aspirations.

Exactly. Enough is enough. What's next, denouncing and rejecting Michelle and the kids? You're going to need to stand on some things Barack, and not be moved. Otherwise, get used to denouncing everything you hold dear.


Maxjulian said...

"What's next, denouncing and rejecting Michelle and the kids?"


DP said...

maxjulian - At the rate he's being forced to denounce and reject you can't discount the possibility.

Thanks for coming through!