Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've written a lot about Jeremiah Wright on this blog, and I still feel that he hasn't really said anything that millions of others don't say (and believe) on a regular basis. He has the right to feel the way he feels, and to believe as he believes. I also don't question his patriotism. What I do question is his timing and motives. I simply cannot figure out why Rev. Wright, knowing the political stakes, pushed the envelope as far as he did on Monday. Especially if he wanted his guy to win.

He does want Barack Obama to win, doesn't he? Or does he?

Perhaps he feels Obama threw him under the bus during his speech on race (although nobody else did). Maybe he's secretly been a Hillary supporter all along. Or maybe he was just paid off by one campaign or another. Who knows. What I do know is that whatever the reason, it may cost his erstwhile parishioner the nomination and maybe the presidency.

Yeah, Barack Obama has a problem on his hands. He's now officially caught in a "denouncement" loop that is going to be awfully hard to break free of. What do I mean? Well, let me explain.

When the sound bites of Rev. Wright's sermons first hit the airwaves, Obama was pressured to denounce him. He didn't, instead giving what was universally hailed as a brilliant speech on race, during which he "rejected" his pastor's words, but refused to denounce the man.

Now with Wright's little speaking tour (which started out so well on Friday), and especially the National Press Club engagement, Obama has been forced to denounce the man himself, which in turn his opponents are using to question his character. In fact, I'm already hearing the whispers that he didn't denounce him hard enough to regain his footing in the campaign. You get the picture?

So in order to save some time and aggravation, here's my list of future denouncements for Barack Obama to make, preferably in one fell swoop. You know it's coming, so just get it over with already.

1) Further denounce Rev. Wright for having the nerve to try and speak truth to power, for buck-dancing in front of all them folks, and acting like he was in his church when it wasn't even Sunday.

2) Denounce Trinity United Church of Christ because after all, Rev. Wright was the pastor there.

3) Denounce and reject the Black church in general, because it produced Trinity UCC and Rev. Wright.

3) Then denounce Black society because it produced the Black church, which produced Trinity United Church of Christ, which produced Rev. Wright.

4) Denounce Black people because they created Black society, which produced the Black church, which produced Trinity United Church of Christ, which produced Rev. Wright.

5) Denounce White people, for importing Black people, who created Black society and the Black church, which produced Trinity UCC and Rev. Wright.

5) Denounce Europe for producing White people who eventually ended up here to America, and Africa for producing the soon to be imported Black people, who created Black society, which produced the Black church, that spawned Trinity UCC, that produced Rev. Wright.

6) And finally he must denounce God, who created the heavens and the earth, Europe, Africa, White people, and the Black people who created Black society and the Black church that spawned Trinity UCC that produced Rev. Wright.

That should just about do it. I'm sure if the Obama campaign broadcasts an email or fax of these future denouncements today, maybe sometime next week we can get the candidates to start discussing the issues that should be the focus of this presidential campaign.

Like the $3.69 per gallon gasoline I filled up with this morning.


credo said...


MrsGrapevine said...

Only Barack has to denounce and denounce, what about Hillary, her own husband was almost impeach, and have some very questionable pardons, and liaisons. I know what it's rally about...

Believer 1964 said...

I'm in shock.

That Girl Boo said...

It's astounding that she of all people talk about not associating with people let's not talk about Bills sexual desires in the oval office "Yuck!" how moral is her family, are we suppose to believe that her family can point the moral compass finger? I don't think so!
Wolves usually hang out in a pack.

DP said...

Credo- thanks for dropping in and appreciate your comment.

MrsG.- Exactly. Barack is expected to be perfect in all aspects of his life and everyone he knows can have no flaws as well. Meanwhile his opponents aren't held to account for anything as they basically tag team him.

Believer 1964 - Don't be shocked, there's more to come before this campaign is over, especially if Barack is the nominee.

TGB - So when will Bill's cigars and freakiness IN THE WHITEHOUSE be deemed worthy of discussion as a campaign issue. And who is their pastor by the way?

Believer 1964 said...

This post has made it to my Blog Safari, which will be posting sometime today!

DP said...

Believer 1964 - Thanks for including this post. I love the Safari idea and will be checking out the other links.

Regina said...

DP- What an awesome post and so true. Everyone has the right to their opinions and the right to voice them but I do think in this instance the Rev. Wright is a detriment to Obama's campaign. The issue is not even about black america and Obama's love for us the bigger issue is Obama's campaign for the Presidency of the US, and people need to understand that.

DP said...

Regina - Sorry for the late response. I agree with you 100%. Knowledge is definitely power, and timing is everything. I hope Rev. Wright will chill out for a minute now, although you can bet McCain's campaign will be offering cold, hard cash for him to do another tour during the general election.