Friday, April 18, 2008

Musical Interlude - Old School Friday: Free For All

Well since there's no official theme for today's Old School Friday I've decided to take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to the first concert I went too back in October 1980. I was a (barely) 13 year old kid then, and we had just moved from small town East Texas to big city Denver, CO. So you can imagine my excitement at being able to go down to McNichols Arena with my brothers and sister, by ourselves, to see two of our favorite groups; The Zapp Band and the The Commodores!

I've found a couple of live clips of these groups to give y'all a little taste of what that show was like. Also, maybe it can demonstrate for you youngsters what's missing from most rap concerts these days, namely THE BAND! Just saying.

The Zapp Band opened the show and had everybody bouncing in the aisles. They were hot that summer because of their hit song, More Bounce to the Ounce. They ran off a string of other hits through the 80's but here's a live version of More Bounce to the Ounce.

The Commodores were the headliners, and at that time one of the most popular bands in the world. Lionel Ritchie was still the lead singer, and though they had just released the album Heroes, which spawned the hit Jesus is Love, we were all still grooving to their prior release, Midnight Magic. Here they are performing their hit, Easy.

Hope y'all enjoyed and see you next Friday. Don't forget to check out everybody else's picks too!

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Anonymous said...


You are so lucky to have seen the Commodores and the Zapp Band. Was it the Commodores with Lionel or the Night Shift Commodores. I see it was with Lionel,*Scream* I love the Commodores.

I know all their hits, and they have plenty. I wish I could have been there, of course I was only 3, but I grew up on the music so I felt like I was there.

Jesus Is Love is still my fav, it's so simple, but right on point.

What was a card party with out Zapp or Cameo?

DP said...

Mrs.G, that was the Lionel Richie Commodores and they were awesome. Zapp was too. Maybe it was because it was my first concert that it stands out so clear still, but I'd like to think the music and musicians had something to do with it.

Happy OSF

Marvalus said...

What is not to like about Zapp and the Commodores!? Oh and Easy is the one for me...this is one of those "sipping iced tea on a porch watching time go by" songs...good, good stuff!

HeyShae! said...

Two highly favorited classic groups. :o)

Unknown said...

Awesome picks! And i love "Easy" that is a classic song!
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Happy OSF! Roger and his Zapp crew were all that. I guess because they were one of the first with that electronic-funk sound. Anyhow, More Bounce to the Ounce is a song that I've grown into over the years (smile)...

I was never much of a Lionel Ritchie fan...

My Old School Friday posting today features The Whispers.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

I remember sending tapes of Zapp to my sister while she was stationed in Japan. You can never go wrong with the Commodores either...they bring back memories of my dad! Thanks...enjoyed your selections tremendously!!

DP said...

MsMarvalus - Save me a glass of that iced tea! Easy is definitely one of those lazy afternoon songs.

Shae-Shae - Thank you and thanks for coming through. Zapp and the Commodores are two of my all time favs.

Regina - thank you and Easy is definitely a classic. I hope your weekend was great too.

Villager - "More Bounce to the Ounce is a song that I've grown into over the years (smile)..."

I resemble that remark! I was a huge Zapp Band fan back in the day. They were just funky. And growing up, we all loved the Commodores for some reason, but I never really liked Lionel Richie's solo stuff. Crazy...

Chocl8t - Thank you for coming thru and sharing your memories. I'm glad you enjoyed. The competition is fierce on OSF.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea! I just did a post called "Funky Monday" where I highlighted some funk artists/songs I enjoy. When I do another one, I gotta have "More Bounce." Talk about getting folks out their seats!

Easy is just plain feel good music.

Great choices.