Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hillary - Girl, We're Gonna Miss You (Not Really)

With the DNC's decision on the Michigan and Florida delegations yesterday, it's time to wrap this primary process up and move on to the general election. I think everyone realizes this.

Well, except maybe Hillary Clinton campaign staffers. From MSNBC:

Democratic Party leaders agreed Saturday (to) seat Michigan and Florida delegates with half votes into this summer's convention with a compromise that left Barack Obama on the verge of the nomination but riled Hillary Rodham Clinton backers who threatened to fight to the August convention.

"Hijacking four delegates is not a good way to start down the path of party unity," said adviser Harold Ickes.

Clinton's camp maintains she was entitled to four additional Michigan delegates.

The decision by the party's Rules Committee raised slightly the total delegates Obama needs to clinch the nomination. Clinton advisers conceded privately he will likely hit the magic number after the final primaries are held Tuesday night, but said the ruling threatened to dash any hopes of a unified party.

"Mrs. Clinton has told me to reserve her right to take this to the Credentials Committee" at the convention, said Ickes, who is a member of the Rules Committee that voted Saturday.

All of this fake outrage got me to thinking about fake singing. And when you think of fake singers, you can't overlook the most famous fake singers ever, Milli Vanilli. Here they are "performing" what should be the new Democratic Party theme song - Girl, I'm Gonna Miss You.

Actually, the truth is that she can do what she wishes, but the reality still remains that the Florida and Michigan parties broke the rules by holding early primaries, and were punished according to guidelines signed off on by all of the presidential aspirants.

This ruling actually shows that you can break the rules and get away with it, and the Clinton campaign should be ashamed of themselves both for being complete and total hypocrites (imagine if the situation were reversed), and for the faux outrage being unleashed by their surrogates which has the potential to impact the unity of the Democratic Party come November, and the chance for victory against the Republicans. Is that in the best interests of the country?

Team Clinton, you ran a good (and dirty) campaign, but it's time to go, regardless of what happens in Puerto Rico today.


jobsanger said...

She's got a lot to make up for if she wants to regain the respect of most Democrats. She'd better get busy pretty quick.

Big Tex said...

Harold Ickes is a punk. Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest. Anyway, what's hilarious to me is that the Clinton camp doesn't appear to be disputing the 50% penalty that both states got slapped with, but the 69-59 split in Michigan. Basically, they're screaming over 4 delegates - actually 2, with the 50% penalty factored in. Obama's gonna win this thing by a lot more than 2 delegates. What this is really about is an attempt to taint the legitimacy of Obama's victory, probably to give some of her most die-hard supporters a reason to vote for McCain in the fall, in hopes that Obama will lose so she can run again in 2012.

DP said...

jobsanger - She really had better get on it. Team Clinton has definitely poisoned the well and need to get on with the work of digging a new one.

Big Tex - Campaign talk is just that, talk. The problem is she has nurtured a whole bunch of people towards not voting Democratic in the general election. Some didn't need an excuse, but some are now justifying their decision based on Hillary's teams faux outrage.

Regarding 2012 - I don't think she stands a chance. This campaign will make sure some folks have long memories.