Sunday, June 08, 2008

Texas Democratic Convention - Part II, The Wrap Up

Since I wasn't at this weekend's convention in Austin, I've been depending on the bloggers who were there for the low down. Here's a wrap up of convention related posts from Texas bloggers.

Musings has the kickoff video up and comments regarding the Presidential primary:

On the day Hillary conceded there was a lot of ungracious winning going on. Give us a minute and we'll unite. We aren't going to let McCain win. But, give us just a few moments, OK?

Here's a link to all of the speeches, including Chelsea Clinton's.

Jobsanger reports on the actual delegate counts from the Texas Two-Step primary/caucus.

Total Delegates -- 7,239
Obama Delegates -- 4,144 (57.3%)
Clinton Delegates -- 3,088 (42.7%)
Undecided Delegates -- 7

I hope this puts to rest the argument over who won Texas. Barack Obama won Texas and has over 57% of her delegates.

Brains and Eggs has the story and the results of the State Party Leadership Elections, carried by incumbent Boyd Richie against challenges from David Van Os and Roy Laverne Brooks.

From Texas Politics we learn that Al Edwards

...lost his seat on the Democratic National Committee to state Sen. Royce West of Dallas in an election for one of the national board seats allocated to the state Black Caucus.

and that Houston's

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman was elected vice chair of the state party at the Texas Democratic Convention.

The Texas Observer Blog has a good piece up about U.S. Senate candidate Rick Noriega, who is mounting a challenge to incumbent John Cornyn. I especially liked this part:

He also stressed that Texas needed to become a leader in energy independence. He said that our dependence on fossil fuels was a national security issue.

...As a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard who has fought in Afghanistan, he said he was well acquainted with the scarcity of resources such as oil and water forcing America to be involved in different parts of the world.

Off the Kuff has a nice roundup posted with links to pictures from fellow bloggers.

Finally, I know all of you conventioneers had a great time and are all fired up and all, but this wasn't the Super Bowl. Y'all didn't have to
burn down the Governor's Mansion, did you?

If anyone has a link to the 2008 Platform, I sure would appreciate it., but overall, the Democratic Party in Texas looks like its fired up and ready to roll. This state should be in play in November if the national party puts any kind of time and resources into it.

Also There... Already is going to make a point of getting to the convention and other political gatherings in 2010 and beyond because the blogger pool could use just a little bit of our type of diversity. Hey, I'm just saying. This will be the last time AfroSpear bloggers will not be in attendance, I personally guarantee it.

That's it for now and nice job to all of the bloggers that were there for keeping us informed.


Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Thanks for the linky love and I'm looking forward to meeting you next week.

jobsanger said...

Sorry you couldn't make it this week, but I look forward to meeting you. We'll have a great time covering the convention in 2010.

DP said...

pdiddie - looking forward to it as well.

DP said...

jobsanger - I'll be there next time, and I look forward to meeting you too. I'll definitely be at the convention in 2010.