Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Wins - On To November

It's over. Finally. Barack Obama has secured the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States.

This is indeed an historic day for America as the first African-American has been nominated as a major party candidate. Many people felt that this day would not come in their lifetimes. Well it has, and its a cause worthy of celebration.

So congratulations to Barack Obama on a well run and classy campaign, and keep pushing forward to victory in November.

And, oh yeah, to the Clinton campaign - way to go out with class and unify the party.

Or not.

Selfish and self-centered does not begin to explain that speech you gave last night, and if it's the VP seat you're actually angling for, that's a strange way to go about getting it.

Face it, it's over.


boo said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaa fire works

Big Tex said...

Hillary really got the business from her supporters for what she said on Tuesday night. Thankfully she's finally come to her senses and conceded defeat. I just hope Obama doesn't make the mistake of tapping her to be his VP - he can do so much better.

DP said...

I'm with you Big Tex, let's see who's out there and don't let the Clinton's pressure you into doing something stupid, like puttingher on the ticket.

Boo, you're easily amused. lol