Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ah... (Fire) Foxy!

Mozilla has released it's Firefox 3.0 web browser.

I've been a big fan of Firefox since version 1.0 back in 2004, so of course I'm taking the new version for a test drive right now. So far, so good. The program loads a LOT faster than the prior version, and there are some pretty cool new features.

For example, the Awesome Bar, formerly known as the address bar. Except now when you type in any portion of a previously visited site, it automatically compiles a list in a drop down menu of cached sites and your bookmarks to help you locate it quicker. You can add a bookmark to any site by clicking the star in the Awesome Bar.

I'm disappointed that the Google Browser Sync add on is no longer functional (yet) in this new version. I used that tool a lot to keep my favorites organized across different computers. Hopefully somebody is hard at work on an updated version.

There's more but you can see it for yourself at their download site. And sorry, I'm just too busy (lazy) to create screenshots right now, but as a consolation prize you can visit this site for a history of Firefox, including the latest version in screenshots.

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