Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Year Ago...

Man, I almost forgot. It's our Blog's B-Day. Or Blogiversary! Or something.

In real life my wedding anniversary is so close to my birthday that it's pretty hard to miss it. Just in case, my wife usually plans a vacation or some other activity on the exact date(s), doubly insuring that my forgetful behind remembers. Smart lady, but I digress.

Anyway, we're one year old today. On April 13, 2007, There... Already came alive with this post.

Right now, let's just say I'm there, already with corporate media. I'm there, already with my teams collapsing down the stretch or in the playoffs. I'm there, already with politicians from both sides of the American political spectrum. I'm there, already with the current state of global affairs and endless war. I'm there already with planned obsolescence and massive waste. I'm there, already with unsaid truths, and spoken lies. I'm There... Already.

Wow. Such prescient insight, especially since my teams (the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Rockets) both collapsed in the playoffs last year, politicians from both sides are still driving me crazy, the war is still going endlessly, and we're still wasting more than any society has a right too. Don't even get me started on the unsaid truths and spoken lies.

Since that time, we've dove head first into all kinds of issues, from Don Imus to Darfur; TSU to Terrorism; Politics to Prisons; Food to Foolishness; and everything in between. My single voice has been complimented by That Girl Boo, Isaiah Too, and And we've discovered and became contributors to the Afrospear/Afrosphere movement.
A lot has happened in this year.

We've watched as the major progressive internet sites and news media, who've had a bad habit of framing issues of concern to Black people without bothering to include the views and voices of Black people, grudgingly begin to accept the reality that we ARE a major presence on the internet and in the blogging world.
Francis Holland, who has relentlessly pushed this issue in the wider blogosphere, deserves a lot of credit for that happening.

We can see the new media stars who are rising in our very midst, like Gina McCauley, Wayne Bennett, Shawn Williams, and Wayne Hicks, among others. The media narrative has had to adjust to include our voices.
The overall results has broadened the diversity of American political discourse, and set the stage for awareness campaigns such as that surrounding the Jena 6. Sure Al and Jesse swooped in and claimed the victory, but WE know when and where the advocacy effort for those young men started, and it was right here. Other campaigns, including today's In Solidarity: A Day For Darfur followed, and There... Already is proud to have been a part of this movement from it's infancy.

Our expectations for the next year are big. We will add more voices, reach out for more points of view, take part in more initiatives, and continue to do our part to try and change this world we live in for the better. That first post back then ended with these words;

So welcome, and I hope each visit here is worth your while.

I still hope so. Thanks for reading this blog, and let us know it there's anything you'd like to hear about or that we can do better.


AAPP said...

You are right, we do have a 1 year anniversary. Great post! Congratulations Afrospear!

Villager said...

Happy 1-year anniversary DP! Sorry about the Cowboys and Rockets. Perhaps 2008 will be their year (smile)...

peace, Villager

Shawn Williams said...

Happy Blogiversary D.P. I'm looking forward to even greater things from There...Already in the next year. I'm glad our paths crossed on the winding road of the information super highway. God Bless!

MrsGrapevine said...

Happy blog-day to you!

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Happy B-Day and many more.

DP said...

AAPP - We'll need to do something special for the Afrosphere's 1 year anniversary.

Villager - Thanks, you've been a big help to us during this year and it's appreciated. Now can you do something for my teams? I don't think I can take collapses like that again!

Shawn - Thank you, and I know our paths will cross more frequently during the coming year. Keep up your good work. My business (and family) leads me to Dallas often, we need to hook up one of those times.

Mrs. Grapevine - Thank you, and I'm looking forward to this weeks OSF. Bring on the jams!

Eddie - Thanks for the well wishes and we're definitely looking forward to big things in the future.