Friday, April 13, 2007

There... Already


After considering it for a long time, I've finally progressed to creating a blog. This is partially a result of the realization that of the news I receive, the information I seek, the communication I desire, and the activities that I engage in depend more and more on the internet, and the power of this medium cannot be disputed. The ability to access a wealth of information that just a few years ago would have been inaccessible is powerful enough, but even more amazing is the sheer volume of content producers (and aggregators) online that previously would have had a very difficult time having their voices heard. With most media outlets sounding more alike than different, blogs and the internet have basically been a lifeline to sanity in an insane world. Now with this blog I guess I'm joining the club.

So what now? The blog is up, but what to blog about? I'm interested in all kinds of things like politics, sports, computers, electronics recycling, the environment, etc., etc. Will one subject or another rise to the top? Truthfully, I don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. What was easy to decide was the name. Because I'm there, already. I know that needs a bit more explaining, and I will at a later time. Right now, let's just say I'm there, already with corporate media. I'm there, already with my teams collapsing down the stretch or in the playoffs. I'm there, already with politicians from both sides of the American political spectrum. I'm there, already with the current state of global affairs and endless war. I'm there already with planned obsolescence and massive waste. I'm there, already with unsaid truths, and spoken lies. I'm There... Already. So welcome, and I hope each visit here is worth your while.

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