Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Win Or Go Home

Attention Rockets:

This is it. If you lose tonight, it's summer vacation time.

Yeah, yeah, I know - Utah has played a rough series, the refs haven't been exactly helpful, and you've had to work through injuries.

Doesn't matter.

I've tried to be as helpful as I can throughout this playoff series, but apparently y'all haven't been predisposed to listening. So here's my surefire advice on how to not only win tonight, but maybe the series as well.

1. Rebound the ball.

2. Make the easy shots.

3. Convert your free throws, especially in the 4th quarter (that means you T-Mac).

Number three might be the most important. All of these games have been close, and the margin of victory in the losses has been less than the number of missed free throws.


Anyway, hope this helps, and well be rooting for you tonight.

UPDATED: Told ya so. Make the free throws, win the game. Now go do it again in Salt Lake City on Friday night.


boo said...

Win or Go Home?
Go Home so I can get my t.v. room back

That Girl Boo said...

no no no say it isn't so, it looks like I lose the t.v. room again

DP said...

Yeah! That's the sacrifice you make during the playoffs. Small price to pay right?

Go Rockets!