Monday, April 28, 2008

That Equal Justice Under The Law Thing, Again.

I'm a little late but I really feel the need to weigh in on this.

Sean Bell, I'm sorry my brother, but it's going to be a little bit longer before you can rest in peace. Your case is a travesty of justice, and I while I hope that God will provide comfort to your f
iancé, children, and family, I also hope the family continues to pursue the issue until justice is served.

The pattern of killing unarmed Black men in this society by the police continues, and the officers in question continue to get away with it. This is America after all, and the lives of Black citizens have always been less valued. And please, I really don't want to hear anyone come up in here talking about,
"well two of the officers were Black."

And? What does that matter? They were also policemen, and that is the issue. I respect the work that policemen do. I know it's a difficult job. But policemen, regardless of their ethnicity, seemingly have carte blanc to shoot and kill men of color, regardless of whether they are threatening, armed or not, and this has got to end. It seems ingrained in police culture nationwide, and the cases like Sean Bell's are the one's that are publicized. How many are not?

I'm basically ranting here, because I'm sick of the same old thing happening over and over again. Whether it's guns or tasers, or whatever, the results are the same. A dead Black man, usually guilty of nothing more than being Black, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and in front of the wrong cops.

Enough already. Justice is demanded in a case like this, and once again, it has been denied. I frankly don't see how these guys can live with themselves knowing what they've done to an innocent man.

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