Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank God For The Scientific Method

I've been on the road a little so posting has been light, but I did want to weigh in on this:

With virtually no discussion, the state's Higher Education Coordinating Board voted unanimously Thursday to deny a request by a Bible-based school and research institute to offer a master's degree in science education.

The issue was whether the institute, whose leaders believe in creationism, or that the world was literally created as recounted in the Bible, could adequately prepare its graduates to teach science in middle schools and high schools. Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes had found — and board members agreed — that it could not.

And I would have to agree, although I think they should have allowed discussion on the issue. You know the levels of faith-based foolishness would've been off the charts, which is usually good for a few laughs.

I've written about this stuff before, and as I said then

I don't have an issue if some folks want to hang their hat on intelligent design as our reason for being here, but to teach it as science is ridiculous. It is theology.

But I digress. In my opinion, this issue is about politics. And religion. Once combined, the results are usually inflammatory and this case is no exception. Creationism has it's place; especially in the church. However to teach it as science without applying the scientific method would be a tremendous disservice to students, who are already suffering from an educational system that is not meeting their needs.

With fifty percent dropout rates, the fact that our education system isn't producing the graduates needed by our industries, and that our students are falling further behind others in the developed (and developing) world, wouldn't it be nice to have a conversation about actually fixing the problem instead of promoting political and religious agendas?

A man can dream can't he?


The Urban Scientist said...

Cheers and applause! I've posted on this issue as well. Great to know another (Black) Blogger who weighs in on this issue, too.

DP said...

Urban Scientist - This is one of the issues at the crux of what we're dealing with here in this country, namely we're not teaching the kids what they need to know and they're suffering in relation to the rest of the world.

Thanks for coming by and I'll drop in to your site too.