Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Really - Recruiting Problems?

Who could have seen this one coming? Check out this post detailing some of the recruiting issues the military, particularly the Army, is currently facing from jobsanger.

Both the Army and the Marines are now having to lower their standards. A few years ago, neither would have accepted anyone who had been convicted of a felony. But in 2007, the Army granted 511 felony waivers. That is more than twice the 249 it granted in 2006. Meanwhile, the Marines granted 208 in 2006 and 350 in 2007.

The military is experiencing some recruiting woes. Imagine that. But why? Well apparently we're all the problem because

The (Army) Public Affairs Department said that only 3 out of 10 Americans of military age "meet all our stringent medical, moral, aptitude or administrative requirements.

OK, I guess so if that makes you feel better. Rebuttal, Jobsanger?

Most of us don't see the sense in sending more young people to die in Iraq, when we know that nothing is being accomplished there except the enrichment of huge corporations.

Precisely, and especially among Black recruits. I'm sure the continuing drop in their numbers has something to do with this. Like I've said before, sometimes you don't need a survey to figure stuff out.

The military has provided an option for Blacks over the years to advance their careers and education, and throughout American history, our people have nobly served in all of this country's wars.

But give us some credit for having both patriotism and good sense. With open-ended commitments to dubious war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, a certainty of being deployed to increasing more lethal combat zones, and the prospect of little to no support upon your return back home, is it really a surprise that many young Blacks have decided that joining the military at this time might not be such a good idea?

In other words, a plan to end the current morass would go a long way towards alleviating the recruiting situation.

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