Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Tuesday Rant

As I’m filling up my mid size car with $3.59 a gallon, I look around and only see angry faces at the pump.

When I look around the grocery store I see people scraping change from their pocket books, to buy oranges priced at $1.50 per fruit, or apples costing about $1 each. And I’m not talking about organic fruit. I see butter at almost a $1 a stick, and Laura Leans ground beef at $7 per pound.

Am I thinking about Rev. Jemimah Wright? No. Are most working class people? I seriously doubt it. We're all just trying to survive.

Why is it then that when I turn on my T.V. I hear nothing about what’s actually affecting my life, or my friends, family and neighbors lives? Why nothing about my $5 per gallon milk price?

As I laid in bed watching Anderson Cooper and team CNN run a clip over and over and over again almost to the point of nausea, I had to wonder if CNN (and others) think that we're all supposed to be stupid? Why is everything that comes out of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's mouth labeled as “so damaging” to Barack Obama? Who is making these judgment calls? Certainly not me.

I couldn't help but to cringe every time I heard Anderson Cooper bring up this non-issue that the media is trying its best to make a negative for Mr. Barack Obama. Even worse, I didn't hear one echo about Howard Dean stating that this primary has to be over come June 3rd?

So my question to the mass media is; Can we talk about "real issues" like jobs moving overseas or non-affordable health care coverage? How about over amplified electric bills, gas prices, college tuition, ridiculous bank fees, foreclosures, 30% credit card interest rates, etc. Or even global warming.
But… then I ask myself one question; Which party has more to gain from this foolishness?

My answer: Parties - Team Clinton & her Chief Strategist John McCain

Does the Democratic party even realize that their making a HUGE mistake by piling on here? I'm not sure, and I would like to hope so. But if they don't then oh well. Good seems to often come from bad.

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DP said...

TGB - one of these days we're all gonna wake up and see this foolishness for what it is. Then the campaign will get back to the war, and inflation, and gas prices, and...

...oh nevermind. I must be tripping. This is America after all. Sound bite nation.