Friday, April 04, 2008

Musical Interlude - Old School Friday!

Y'all know There... Already has dropped Musical Interludes every now and again, but we're formalizing it a bit more now by participating in Mrs. Grapevines Old School Friday Music Meme.

Now, I don't really know what a "meme" is, but what I do know is that we have to post a jam from 1993 or earlier every Friday. It has to be clean too, so no cussing. I also know that the competition is fierce, so we're gonna have to bring it every week. So in that respect, here are our first TWO submission's.

From 1992 - Arrested Development: People Everyday. With tight beats and powerful lyrics, this entire album was the absolute bomb when it came out.

And from 1980's Light Up the Night Album, here's The Brothers Johnson: Stomp. Nuf' Said.

Alright, I feel much better now. If you still haven't had enough, check out yesterday's post about the International Festival and listen to a little Buddy Guy. That's Old School right?


Danielle said...

I am new to OSF, I love Arrested Development.

I played with Nina Simone.

Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.


Villager said...

Those are two excellent choices! Arrested Development was on stage with Obama and Oprah in South Carolina ... and they are still outstanding! And I also love Brothers Johnson, although my favorite is Strawberry Letter 23...

Welcome to the OSF weekly meme!

peace, Villager

MsMarvalus said...

Welcome to OSF! I love Arrested Development...great stuff!

DP said...

Danielle - I'm glad I'm not the only newbie here! Thanks for coming by, and I'll drop in on you shortly. May you be blessed as well.

Villager - I can always count on your visits my friend. You are appreciated. Get some rest and shake that cold. And Strawberry Letter 23 is another one of all time favorites. I was gonna try and sneak it in in a few weeks, but you blew my cover!

MsMarvalus - Thanks for coming through and I'm happy to participate in OSF. I'll be by to visit your site in a minute.

-Peace DP

Regina said...

Hi DP!
Thanks for joining our OSF Music meme! Glad to have you! Pretty cool sight you have here!

I like the Brother's Johnson! and I hate to blow your spot up but someone else posted Strawberry Letter today! My mom had that album and I was fascinated by the color!
Peace & Love!

MrsGrapevine said...

Welcome and thanks for joining us. Great pick, I love Arrested Development. This is most definitely a great start. You will learn along the way that I love a lot of songs, but in my defense, I love music; it's my thing.

This video made me want to take a Pan-African dance class.

Rosemarie said...

Good picks for our weekly Friday jam session.

I remember both songs. Thanks for taking me back!

DP said...

Regina - good to see you in here again, and I'm loving the OSF. You didn't have to bust my bubble on Strawberry Letter 23 though! I have a few others that I'm keeping close to the vest for the future.

Mrs. Grapevine - thanks for coming through. It's always nice to meet another music fan, and you'll find I have VERY varied taste as we go along. So why didn't you take that Pan-African Dance class? It's never too late!

Rosemarie - Visiting all of the OSF participant blogs took me back too. I can't wait for next week. Thanks for stopping in.