Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Little Common Sense Please

Every night before bed my husband clicks on the news for our 15 minute news splash of politics. He generally falls asleep right away while I’m glued to the screen amazed at how biased the media is in this election, and how quick they are to lump together every Black person in America together. Why? Because African-Americans are supporting Barack Obama as a block, or simply because he’s Black? My question is:

Who in the hell is coming up with this bologna? Is it simply too much to say that Black people are voting for the person they would like to see in office? Well, wait a minute, what about all the White people who are voting for him as well as Asians and Hispanics too. What about them? Could it be that the media has forgotten to tell these good American people that Barack Obama is Black?

Or could it be that White people, along with Black people and everybody else are voting for the person who we all feel can help to fix the downward spiral that this country’s in, with jobs moving over seas, no medical insurance, schools that aren’t providing our children the education to compete within the world, super high gas prices, super high food prices, and the mortgage crisis?

That’s why I support him, not simply because he’s Black. And to the media, just so you know, before this entire kitchen sink business went on I was for Team Clinton, but not any longer, No way! No way! No way!

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