Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How Do You Rank?

The Top Ten Black Blogs for April 2008 is up. Villager does a great job with this list, so please check it out. The rankings are based primarily on Technorati, and here are the top three.

  1. The Bossip: Bossip.com (Authority: 1,194 / Rank: 1,962) - [Entertainment] Bossip.com holds down the BBR #1 slot for the third month in a row. It is worth noting that Bossip.com is the first Black blog that we've seen break into the top 2,000 blogs in the world ranking! Bossip.com is a fast growing urban-focused new media property that draws a loyal following of young and influential trend setters who are up to date with what’s hot in society. Top tags for this blog appear to be Quote of the Day and Fill In The Blank. I encourage villagers to give 'em a tip that they are the #1 Black blog in the universe.

  2. Pam Spaulding: Pam's House Blend (Authority: 1,163 / Rank: 2,057) - [Politics] This is a prolific blog averaging over 110,000 hits per month. Top tags for this blog appear to be Race, Politics, Feminism, Gay and Lesbian. Pam participated in the Take Over America conference with some candid comments on what we can expect for bloggers and blogging after the 2008 election cycle is over.

  3. Angel Laws: Concrete Loop (Authority: 1,036 / Rank: 2,519) - [Entertainment] This is a Black celebrity entertainment blog with gossip, music, celebrity interviews, pictures and such. Angel Laws, a 23-year-old college student in Jacksonville, NC, started this blog as a hobby. Top tags for this blog are Candids, New Music Review and Brian's Music Posts. OK, I'll bite ... who is 'Brian'?
What about There... Already? Well, let's just say we have a long way to go to break into the Top 10(0). You'll have to go to the Electronic Village to see the rest and check your own rankings!

Congratulations to this month's Top Ten and great work by all of the bloggers out there.


Regina said...

Very nice spot you have here!
Villager is doing an awesome job with the rankings list!
Peace & Love!

DP said...

Regina, thanks a lot for dropping in. I'm looking at your place right now too. I hope you come back often, and now that I know where see you there too.

And yes, Villager is doing an excellent job with the rankings and the Electronic Village!