Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Boondocks - The Banned Episode

For all you Boondocks fans who've been wondering what the hell is going on with the one week on, 5 weeks off airing of episodes, maybe this helps explain it. Lifted directly from Prometheus 6, thanks.

Remember That banned Boondocks episode?

Go watch it. Around 22 minutes.

It's an Uncle Ruckus show more than a BET show...and it's a keeper.


Rosemarie said...

FYI - Your link is not working. However, I did find it by searching on the site. Above is the correct link.

I watched most of it, but I can see why this episode was banned. Very offensive rhetoric and perhaps considered an explosive for the troubled souls of any race.

DP said...

Rosemarie, thanks for the heads up and the link is fixed. I'll also inform Prometheus 6, the blogger who originally posted it.

Regarding the episode itself I think it was over the top for a reason. We all have an Uncle Ruckus in our life for one. Second, Reginald Hudlin is listed as the executive producer of the Boondocks, and also runs BET's entertainment division. Aaron McGruder, the shows creator, has been all over BET from the beginning. So that tells me there are likely some creative and control differences between he Hudlin.