Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Looks like a landslide


Sitting here watching the election results and it looks like Barack Obama is going to win this thing. Right now the West Coast polls are about to close. California should come into play here in a few minutes, and that should take Obama over the top in combination with any combination of other states.

Barring a miracle, I can't see any way John McCain can come back and win.


The exit polls are telling all kinds of stories, and most of them speak well of this country and how far we have actually come. Almost every demographic is coming out in favor of change as embodied by Barack Obama. It's truly amazing and humbling.

I don't want to start celebrating before the definitive results are in, but my little family is preparing to celebrate this historic occasion.

Oops, there goes Virginia into the Obama camp! This party is about to get started!

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