Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For The Good Of The Country, Hillary, Concede

Reality check. Hillary Clinton has virtually no chance to win the Democratic presidential nomination. Barack Obama has garnered more votes, delegates, and states won during the campaign process, and barring sleight of hand tricks or back room maneuvering at the convention, Hillary Clinton cannot win.

Having no shot, the Clinton's are running a scorched earth campaign. This so-called "kitchen sink" strategy has taken this campaign into the gutter and racialized it. Additionally, statements from Hillary and Bill Clinton have all but endorsed John McCain's candidacy and will not help Democrats win the general election in the fall. In fact, they serve the exact opposite purpose. The Clinton campaign has helped transform a sure victory for Democrats and progressive causes into a shaky proposition at best.

In the process, the historic unity on display earlier in the campaign among people of different races, genders, ages, economic status, and every other political measuring stick, is on the verge of being shattered solely to satisfy her personal ambition. As a result Black voters, historically the most reliable voting constituency in the Democratic Party, have been alienated to the point where there is open talk of abandoning the Democrats altogether.

For these reasons and many more There... Already is supporting the call for Hillary Rodham Clinton to "Concede Now" so that the vital work of bringing the party back together to compete in the general election can get underway.

If you agree, please sign the petition. If you've already signed, pass it on.

Update: Other steps you can take include:

  1. Did you sign the petition, yet? (smile)
  2. Call the Democratic National Committee on (202) 863-8000 to express your opinion.
  3. Contact the Democratic National Committee with a link to the petition to let them know your position on this matter.
  4. Contact superdelegates that have not committed
  5. Contact Hillary Clinton directly with a request for her to concede the nomination in the interests of party unity and our nation's future.

Thanks to Villager and Yobachi


Villager said...

Outstanding! It is wonderful to see the outpouring of energy around the blogosphere today as part of the Day of Blogging for Voter Justice. My contribution to the effort is posted on the Electronic Village as well...

peace, Villager

boo said...

Thanks Village for the love, I need to make my rounds to show some love as well

DP said...


I agree, it's amazing the consensus around this issue and the number of bloggers participating. We have to keep it up though to make these folks act right. I'll see you in your Village shortly.

@pbuzz.com said...

OBAMA `08! OBAMA `08!

I am in full support of this effort. However, I do believe that we would have been better served with a CEASE & DESIST approach. Although Mrs. Clinton is operating well within the rules, I am more disappointed with her tactics which seem to be helping the Republican party retain the WH.

I am sure that Senator Obama is well aware of most of the likely issues that will be used against him, and the opportunity of addressing them in March as opposed to late September/early October is far better. In this regard, this can be the silver lining in all of this because Obama has been very agressive in addressing all of these attacks.

Unlike Kerry in `04 who did not jump on his lack of patriotism attacks and was "swift boated", Obama has been quick to respond and he may need to respond a little harder from now on. The more he does this, he diminishes the impact of any "swift boat" attacks in September/October because they are surely going to come.

Obama will need to be somewhat battle tested come September because we know that the Republicans will stop at nothing and disenfranchising Blacks does not impact them at all. So the more Obama addresses these surface issues then the Republicans will have no choice but to go to race. As you can see they are trying several angles to make the lack of patriotism claim stick to him and the less options they have then they will have to use the Black Separatist/Black Nationalist charge which has been floating underground which may prove fatal if presented on a national level against a sitting Senator.

With all that said I still say she needs to move her A$$ out the way!

Anonymous said...

hey Boo, nice job and nice blog, keep hope alive

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Thanks for taking part in this effort and sharing it with your readers. It's immensely positive to see more than 1,100 signatures on the petition and many of the names almost certainly are not Black people's names, but are white and Latino and Polish and Italian and Middle Eastern descendant Americans who support Obama and want Hillary to call it quits on her scorched earth Tonya Harding campaign.

I can't wait until Clinton concedes so that I can focus on researching and reporting "The Truth About John McCain."

DP said...

Francis, I appreciate your efforts and thanks for dropping by. I can't wait to see what you dig up on McCain!