Saturday, March 15, 2008

Like I Said...

This is just the warmup.

Hillary is running as negative a campaign as she can with her "kitchen sink" strategy, and the Rev. Wright brouhaha is just the latest. If you're upset now, wait till the Republicans get into the game, which the way things are going on the Democratic side, won't be until after the conventions. In the meantime, John McCain can hang out, take a vacation, and save his money while the Clinton campaign does the dirty work for them.

Barack Obama continues to take the high road in all of this, which I think is proper. The media however is working overtime to be "fair and balanced" by claiming both campaigns have resorted to the negative attacks, gender and race-baiting.

Bottom line is that the Democrats seem hell bent on squandering the best chance for the advancement of progressive issues in years. No one from leadership seems willing to step in and stop the blood-letting and the end result will most likely be a third term for Bush, in the person of John McCain.

The longer term threat for Democrats is the alienation of Black voters who have been the most reliable constituency in the Democratic party for decades. If all that we can expect from the Democrats is the same as that expected from the Republicans, then what's to stop us from becoming free agents voting with whoever best represents our stated interests in every election?

In other words true Independents. Sounds like a plan to me.


boo said...

another cheap shot of racism

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the question is how do we respond to it?

DP said...

Well, it looks like Obama responded and responded well with today's speech.