Friday, November 23, 2007

Yeah. Why AREN"T The Studios Promoting This Movie?

Gina over at What About Our Daughters is "SURPRISE" leading the way once again:

"Apparently Hollywood can only find money to promote a Denzel movie when he plays a violent heroin trafficker. Everybody who saw "American Gangster" had better go see "The Great Debaters" TWICE! If for no other reason than the Black folks in the movie are in college."

Enough said, we'll be there on Christmas night and you should be too. And don't forget to tell your friends about it.


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I promoted this movie at my blog, for what it's worth. We've show that if we all promote something at our blogs then that can make a tremendous difference.

Hollywood, of course, has rarely been interested in promoting anything that portrayed a positive image of Black people, even when positive portrayals were also profitable portrayals. How many studios rejected the Bill Cosby show before it made it's way onto our television screens?

DP said...

I agree about promotion by us to us, which is why we've posted it here too and will let our friends know about it. I hope the movie is a good one. I don't see how it can not be with all of the talent involved.