Thursday, May 24, 2007

Call Me Mister

Received this through my day job, but it definitely applies to the Afrospear. We need more Black Male teachers at the elementary school level and this organization based at Clemson University is working to meet that need by providing full scholarships. Here's the Student Vision Statement ...

"I am a young, strong African American male, dedicated to perpetuating a sorely needed concept—men as role models in elementary schools. I am devoted to planting seeds of dignity and respect in children and inspiring them to cultivate those seeds producing a crop of unprecedented success. I will teach reading, writing and arithmetic and progress to self-esteem, imagination and determination. Because of my immeasurable promise, not only have I earned your respect, I demand it! A title is only important if ones' character and integrity dictate its use. When you address me, please verbalize my destiny….please do not call me by my first name….call me in reference to my great vision….CALL ME MISTER!"

Young? Black? Male? Wondering how you're going to pay for college? Think you have what it takes to help educate the next generation? Apply.


Homeland Colors said...

It seems like a pretty good program, i'm going to add the link to my website.

DP said...

Thanks for the page view. I thought it was a great program too when I read about it. Lord knows we need more teachers that are both Black and male, as well as alternative ways that promising students can finance their education.