Monday, September 15, 2008

Musical Interlude: Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble - Couldn't Stand the Weather

I have not been able to get this song out of my head for the past three days, so I'm sharing the love. Here's Texas guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughn with Couldn't Stand the Weather.

Kind of appropriate with Hurricane Ike in town, wouldn't you say?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

no Ike and Tina LOL

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

no Ike and Tina LOL

That Girl Boo said...

oh my gosh DP this is sooo 80's

Menopausal Mick said...

Now THIS is mean. Playing videos from dialup is an all day affair and I LOVE Stevie.

In addition... mutter... I was checking your site daily for your return to blogging until this last week. I got busy and didn't log in here like I usually do. Sure enough, here you are!

'Bout dang time, Sugar! Me and my morning coffee have missed yer arse.


Believer 1964 said...

We are Stevie fans here also.

Please let "That Girl Boo" know that she has an award! :D

Oh, and please come by way of OSF participants to pick it up.


DP said...

@Torrance - Man it would have been just too cliche' to post Ike and Tina. But I thought about it!

@TGB - Don't act like you didn't have big hair and weren't rocking biker shorts in the 80's.

Mick - Thanks for the kind words and "encouragement." I'm sorry about the SRV video, but all during the hurricane I couldn't get this song out of my mind. I'll try to find some dial up friendly videos for next time... but I'm not sure there is such a thing!

Believer - Hey there! SRV is one of the all time greats on the guitar. Definitely one of my favorites.

Consider That Girl Boo informed and we'll see you on OSF.