Friday, August 08, 2008

Musical Interlude: Old School Friday - Rock Songs

Happy Old School Friday! We've been out of the mix for a minute now and missed a couple of great themes. But hey, we're back now and ready to rock. And that's a good thing because today's theme is Rock Songs.

Alright, I know what you're thinking; "What can you possibly know about rock music?" Well first of all, rock is simply an evolution of the blues, and a lot rock and roll hits have been remakes of old blues tunes (think Hound Dog). Second, I did spend most of my formulative years in Denver. You pretty much had to gain an appreciation for rock out there, and I'm glad I did. Otherwise I might have missed out on some really great music due to a closed mind.

The only problem I had is limiting my choices to only two songs. So since y'all already know from earlier Old School Friday's and Musical Interludes how much I like Black rockers like Fishbone and Living Colour, I decided to branch out a little bit to some of my other favorites today.

First up is one of the best bands in the world over the past 25 years, U2 with Beautiful Day.

Next is one of the groups I listened to a lot back in the day, mainly because of their amzaing drummer Neil Peart. Here's Rush (and friends) playing Closer to the Heart. Watch him wear those drums out.

Well, that was fun, but unfortunately, that's it for this week. Don't forget to check out the rest of the Old School Friday crew.

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MsMarvalus said...

I love U2...I don't think I have heard the second song before, but me are right, the drummer is SICK!!

Happy OSF!

Have a great weekend!

ShAé - ShAé said...

Aw man, I forgot all about U2. I used to play them out. Good choice.

And Rush as a band is always on point. Wonderful selections. :-)

Regina said...

I don't think I ever heard Rush before, they were nice!
I love U2, classic!
Have a great weekend!

MrsGrapevine said...

I Love U2 and Bono, I thought about posting them, too. I couldn't agree more, this topic is too broad just to pick one, so we will definitely do it again.

Anonymous said...

these are some monster picks! u2 is such a great band and neil peart is crazy on the drums-he is one of my favorite rock drummers behind lars ulrich of 'metallica'.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

cooper said...

Great choices I like Rush but have always been cool to U2 for some reason. I like that song though.

Lisa C said...

I ditto MsMarvalus!!

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

seems like im gone have to hip yawl to some old school rock
no apruiilwine, pointblank, 38 special, pat travers,dire straights

DP said...

MsMarvalus – U2 is classic. Each of the musicians in Rush are virtuoso in their own rights, but the drummer is just off the charts.

ShAé - ShAé – how could you forget U2? Lol.

Regina – I was crazy about Rush when I was younger, loved their lyrics and arrangements. U2 goes without saying. Hope you had a good weekend.

MrsGrapevine – We might have to break it into different categories of rock, classic, hard rock, ska, pop, etc. This was a hard decision to make this week. I could’ve posted dozens of songs.

Marcus – Sounds like you’re just a Metallica fan above all other rock bands!

Cooper – What’s not to like about U2? Well, besides their not really including any real guitar solos in their music.

Lisa C.- Thank you for stopping by too. Hope your weekend was grand.

Torrance – You can’t complain if you don’t participate my brother. Come join the party next week. lol. I do like 38 Special and Dire Straits a lot too, but we’re limited to just two songs.

Villager said...

Happy belated OSF! Never much listened to U2 in the past. Thanx for sharing...

Thank you for visiting my effort to comply with the Rock song theme. I invite your blog readers to check out The BusBoys if they have time or inclinaton.

peace, Villager

Believer 1964 said...

So sorry for the serious delay in stopping in to listen, but life has been hectic since last week and continues. Oh well!

Anyway, when I first saw your choices I thought U2 would be my favorite of the two, but not so!

This was my first time listening to Rush's "Closer to the Heart" and it was certainly a jam session.