Sunday, May 18, 2008

Learn And Laugh With Liberal Bloggers

We're a pretty serious bunch, especially up in the AfroSpear. I mean, the problems facing the country and our people are tremendous. Not to mention the ongoing Democratic primary and upcoming general election, where race, especially ours, is front and center as a campaign issue.

With such a large number of self identified Liberals being African-American, it's no wonder that a recent study concluded that Conservatives are happier than Liberals, by and large. Well, that, and the fact that
according to the study;

Conservatives also scored highest on measures of rationalization, which gauge a person's tendency to justify, or explain away, inequalities.

The rationalization measure included statements such as: "It is not really that big a problem if some people have more of a chance in life than others," and "This country would be better off if we worried less about how equal people are."

That loosely translates as they're happier because they just don't care about anybody else. I guess if you take on no responsibilities then you don't have to worry about fulfilling any responsibilities. Pretty simple really, and maybe that explains why George Bush is dancing his behind off every time I see him lately. We'll give Conservatives the happy thing.

But what about funny? In this category I think Liberals of all ethnicities have the advantage hands down. Sure, every now and again a Conservative will get a good one in, but can they consistently put out good, solid political news, that also has you laughing out loud? I don't think so. The same applies to bloggers, so I'm using today's post to highlight a few Liberal bloggers, some based here in Texas, that post great content and crack me up at the same time.

First up is
Kiss My Big Blue Butt, where Susan D. has been delivering the news out of Ft. Bend County, TX for the past 16 years in print and on the web. Talk about having the true pulse on our local politics, we find out today that

A handful of Clinton delegates in Sugar Land are being real stinkers and trying to keep any Fort Bend Democratic delegates from being seated at the State Convention, even including themselves and other Hillary delegates, just because Obama won and they are oh so tiddily peeved about that.

Ya know, if they had spent half as much time organizing and building prior to the Senatorial Conventions as they are tearing things for everybody down afterward, they might have won. But instead, they are giving bon-bon-eating lazy flighty bitter women a bad name. And I hate that, because I spent most of my life giving them a good name.

Enough said, check her out.

Next, we find out what the real campaign issue is for Afrospear blogger Black Canseco over at Hustleknocking. Basically, it's money, money, money...

Okay, it’s official. I’m selling my vote. Seriously. I’m putting my vote up on Ebay and will post the link for anyone willing to bid on it.

Here’s how it works:

I’m taking bids—no bid’s too low, no bid’s too high. And short of White Supremacist party candidates I’m willing to give my vote to the candidate whose crew slides the most cake my way.

I’ll vote for Hil (ick!), Barry, Johnny, Cynthia, Ron, the Greenies, the Moonies, the Goonies… Whomever can pay the most for my vote. I need money and they need votes. Let the free market system work its magic, I say.

...So forget the gas cards and false promises, gimme some cash and you can have my vote. The only thing people respect these days is what they can buy. So maybe if I sell my vote, it’ll count for something.


How do you really feel Black? This is apparently the first in a series, so expect John McCain to be hit up as well.

Then there's relatively new kid on the block,
The Old Eighteen. The name is a Texas history reference, and I just found his site yesterday. And while I don't mean to fixate on Hillary's campaign and supporters, this post had me rolling.

I am woman, hear me pout

Unwilling to accept the fact that their candidate is going to lose and move on to the next best option on the ballot,
a group of angry, bitter old white women has decided to band together and do what they can to sabotage Barack Obama's efforts to get elected president, working under the apparent assumption that it takes a village to burn down the village in order to save the village.

Go read
the rest, it's worth it.


I've mentioned the
Texas Liberal a few times on this site, but he keeps putting up good stuff, like this:

Taking this picture, I imagined that the people of this community had finally become enraged they were being poisoned with the unhealthful Big Macs and McRibs sold at the McDonalds.

I imagined the people had come and torn down the golden arches.

Sadly, I don’t think this was the case.

A McDonald's riot? I'm sure That Girl Boo will have a lot to say about that.

Finally, we have the venerable Afrospear blogger the Field Negro, who has the VP running mate thing figured out for Barack Obama.

Folks, allow me to give you the secret weapon that will win it for the "O" man: His name is Uno. (The one word name thing is cool. Think Bono and Prince). Yes Uno. Don't laugh I am being dead serious. The "O" man wants to be ground breaking this election season, and what better way to break totally out of the box than to select Uno.

Think about it. He is extremely popular with a certain demographic, so he would help the "O" man with that very important group. Who could resist voting for the "O" man if he has the very cute and cuddly Uno on the ticket? And please don't give me the he is not smart enough speech, just because he is a dog. Hell how smart do you need to be to do this job? I give you two names: Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney, that's all you need to know.

I think Field might be on to something. Nobody has tried it before, and we know how much certain folks from all political persuasions here in America love their dogs. I sense a landslide.
Well, that concludes my brief review of informative, and often humorous liberal bloggers. Believe me, there's plenty more. We'll highlight more of them in the days and weeks to come, and if you have sites that you learn from and are funny, please let me know about them.

Because Lord knows, we need to laugh about something.


Regina said...

That whole but my vote thing is so funny, but even worse if he really does it he will probably get a ton of offers!

DP said...

Regina, I can't wait to see how many bids he actually gets for his vote. In reality there should only be a few bidders, but we'll see. I have a feeling there'll be more.

Big Tex said...

DP, thanks for the link. (I'm the newbie who posts at The Old Eighteen.) If the post sounds a bit hostile to anyone, I will only say in my defense that I had just gotten off the phone not much earlier after talking to my somewhat deranged 74-year-old aunt, who thinks that Obama is both a Muslim and an atheist. And also demon-possessed. Or something like that.

Let's just say that if you look up the word "cracker" in the dictionary, the picture you see next to the definition will either be a box of Saltines, or my aunt and her helmet hair. In the photo, she may or may not be handling snakes, speaking in tongues, and/or laying hands on the sick.

Big Tex said...

Oh, and I second what DP said about Texas Liberal - do yourself a favor and check out his blog.

DP said...

Big Tex - My goodness. I guess if anyone was to write that post then you're entitled!

I think it's funny how Obama is as you said both a Muslim and Athiest to some people, and a Radical, anti-American Christian to boot. With that much religion (or not), he shouldn't have time to run for president.

Big Tex said...

I'm beginning to think that Obama is a national Rohrschach test - people see what they want to see in him. Of course, being optimistic, forward-thinking liberals, we see an agent of change. The goopers, on the other hand, just project their fears onto him.

DP said...

That's a good analogy Big Tex. I think that may be why a lot of the mud's just not sticking so far. People are pretty much locked in on the need for things to change, and I think the R's are in for a huge surprise in Nov.