Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary's Remarkable Victory

By now you know that Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia primary last night by a nearly 2:1 margin. This victory is especially impressive when you realize that apparently there are hardly any Blacks, Hispanics, or educated Whites; all core Democratic Party constituents; who live in West Virginia.

Ok, on second thought, maybe it's not that impressive.

Hillary does live to tell us for another day why she is the best candidate to take on John McCain in the general election, even though Barack Obama has won more states, votes, and delegates throughout the process. But don't let those little details confuse you.

We'll get another week of 'analysis' explaining to us how Hillary can still pull this thing off with no money, and trailing in the pledged and superdelegate counts. We'll be told again and again how Whites are not going to vote for Barack Obama, so the superdelegates might as well throw their weight behind Hillary now. It's inevitable.

Or not. It actually reminds me of the NBA playoffs, where one team is ahead 3-0 in the best of seven series. Everyone knows the series is over, but the trailing team comes back to win game four. It doesn't change the fact that they're still going to lose the series, but it does allow for the media to detail all of the possible comeback scenarios.

So way to go Hillary, and on to Kentucky. You'll have the homecourt advantage (relatively speaking) once again as the demographics in Kentucky are somewhat similar to West Virginia.

In the meantime, since I still think this series is over, I'm going to go ahead and start scouting the next opponent.

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