Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Terminator (Seeds)

Last year as I began my garden, I couldn’t help but to notice how wonderful my cucumbers were growing. I’ve grown cuc’s in the past but nothing quite like this. So after I gave plenty away and ate a bunch, I looked into the cabinet to take another look at the package of cucumbers that had done so well. I knew they were organic seeds, but on the package there was this weird label right next to the word cucumber that said “hybrid.

Well forgive me for being naive but I had never heard of a hybrid seed before and was very curious as to what it meant. I thought organic was enough?

Well… I was wrong and surprised to learn that a hybrid seed is a plant that has been artificially pollinated to create a cross between the best characteristic of that plant. But most importantly the seeds of this plant will not reproduce if saved and replanted the next year. Terminator seeds in other words.

Who thinks of this stuff? Well, you know who, corporations and agribusinesses.

The top 10 largest seed companies control half the world’s commercial seed market. If Terminator (seeds) is commercialized, corporations will likely incorporate sterility genes into all their seeds. That’s because genetic seed sterilization would secure a much stronger monopoly than patents — instead of suing farmers for saving seed, companies are trying to make it biologically impossible for farmers to re-use harvested seed.

So for all of you seed savers and garden growers I would suggest that you purchaseheirloom seeds. Heirloom seeds are an old-fashioned seed that has not been hybridized. These seeds have been handed down from generation to generation and will produce the same plant without having to buy new seeds every year.

Stay posted for a great strawberry & kiwi jam recipe. Yum!

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