Sunday, April 06, 2008

How Much Do You Care About This, Hill?

As you all know That Girl Boo generally only writes about health related topics, but with such an important election at hand I’ve forced myself out of my comfort zone.

As I listen to Team Clinton’s campaign whining over all the votes not counting in two states (Michigan and Florida), I can’t help but to have these “FLASH BLACKS” of the election of 2000 when 1.9 million voters cast their votes only to learn that their votes never counted. In fact the federal government actually stopped investigating themselves, if they even ever began. And the very well respected and wildly popular former first lady of the previous 8 years sat back and said nothing, yet now we’re supposed to believe that she cares? That’s not a question, she doesn’t. Well I guess maybe she does care, but only because she’s not winning.

However my latest “FLASH BLACK” has nothing really to do with her, but more with the stolen election of 2004. This time around G.W. had his game tight.

He had signed the 3.6 BILLION dollar deal titled the ""Help America Vote Act" of 2002, which should have been named “Don’t Help America Vote”.
Never-the-less the black box computerized system, mainly using Diebold electronic voting machines, was created and voting as we knew it had changed with the stroke of a pen.

Some believe that the popular Diebold AccuVote-TS voting machine can be hijacked and stolen in under a minute, but I'm sure Diebold had no ideal that this could happen right? Now they're planning on a new system for Nov 2008. Say what? Yes, with the language stating that the software code must be completely public, to bad Paul S. DeGregorio, the U.S. government, and voting machine companies didn't agree. So we’re left with basically the same, unverifiable machines.

Why am I writing this? Well, consider it a heads up. In all the excitement of the presidential campaign, and especially the Democratic primary, everyone seems to have forgotten the problems with the voting machines. And while I do appreciate the ideal of a “voter verified paper record,” I don’t think that’s the key to this enormous problem. The problem is the trick-a-ration of these voting machines. Although I must admit it didn’t help watching Kerry give up before the votes were counted in Ohio either.

Anyway, maybe the early start will help fight against another stolen election. As for now I will continue my support for Mr. Obama, and keep my running shoes on just in case I have to tackle someone stealing our votes in the night.


Regina said...

We saw it happen with GWB and it could well happen again and "surprise, surprise" HRC will be the new presidential candidate. Nothing surprises me anymore about this country. So it is a waiting game.

That Girl Boo said...

Your right Regina, we call it the
"trick-a-ration" in my house.
I'm hoping and praying that the people will turn out in such masses that power will be on our side.
I guess I'm a hopeful fool, but stranger things have happened :o}

DP said...

Most of us are sleeping on this issue all over America. The machines will probably play a big role AGAIN in the upcoming election. You just have to wonder what state will be the main target i.e. Florida in 2000, Ohio 2004. Tom Joyner is testifying in front of congress today about just such irregularities, so you're not the only one paying attention to this TGB.