Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Visitor

I had a visitor this afternoon. A masked stranger who came to my door looking for food. A handout in other words.

Well, I told him to be on his way. No handouts here. Be productive. Get a job. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. You're responsible for your own destiny.

The visitor just looked at me, and then did the oddest thing. He turned to the side and started shaking his butt. Fast. So fast it was just a blur.

Now you know I wasn't having that. Not in my house. This fella obviously needed to learn a little respect and I'm just the man to teach him. But right at that moment, the wife came to the door. With food. And gave it to him.

I knew it was pointless to argue further, so I decided I'd better just take a picture of this fella in case we needed to identify him in a police lineup one of these days. After all, he was roaming the neighborhood, wearing a mask, and going up to the doors of homes that he didn't know the owners of, right? I mean we were lucky that he just ate the food she gave him, turned around, and walked away. Who's to say that the next time, he wouldn't just barge right in and take what he wanted?

So in the interest of public safety, I took some pictures of him that I'm posting here as fair warning to you all. If you see this guy at your door, my advice is "Don't Answer!"


boo said...

hey I think I know that guy

DP said...

Yeah, well be careful if you see him again. I don't trust nobody wearing a mask in broad daylight.