Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's A Thought

Listening in on the Black bloggers conference call put together by the Afronerd to:

“discuss ways for the Black blogosphere to get together (regardless of party affiliation) and pool are resources to make sure that the Clinton/Obama campaign refocuses on policy and issues and NOT on innuendo (i.e. Obama not being Christian or his middle name nonsense).”

Not sure it succeeded. A follow up is definitely needed as this particular call was basically a vent session. Can’t be effective if all we’re doing is complaining.

And one other thing, either we’re Black Bloggers talking about the racialization of this campaign or we’re not. You can’t have it both ways, and frankly, the White community and blogosphere most likely have a very clear understanding of what’s going on and have made their choices.

It’s time to make ours.


boo said...

I was on the call as well and I have to agree, the plan is
"we have no plan" however I did hear a tad bit about cross posting and posting campaign info

boo said...

but......in all fairness I'm glad the "A" is trying to hook something up

DP said...

I hear ya Boo, but you're an eternal optimist. You know I wanna see the "action items!"