Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who's Got the Power?

Just how "powerful" is "The Voice" you sent to "The Hill"? Know the truth. Check out the power rankings for your elected representatives on this web site.

Hint: The two on the left rank pretty high.


Villager said...

I wish that the two in your photo had the power to use the 2006 election results to bring an end to the Iraq war...

peace, Villager

DP said...

Villager, I think we all want that boondoggle to end and stop this squandering of blood and treasure. The 2006 elections didn't get it done because Pelosi and Reid are basically spineless even though they have the power to do something. I guess there's always 2008!

Thanks for stopping by, we've been slacking off but will get the place spruced up again directly!