Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And It's So Nice In The Summer Too!

From the "Ok, I Guess We'll Take It" category, the Houston Chronicle is pushing this Brookings Institute survey that ranks Houston 21st among 30 major metropolitan areas according to the number of "walkable urban places" relative to the area's population.

The only question I have for the pollsters is "Have you ever been to Houston?"

Other than the lack of sidewalks almost everywhere, 12" wide "bike paths," and maniacal drivers actively aiming for pedestrians and cyclists on every street, it's a great city for walking around in.

And did I mention the heat.

Because there are a couple of master planned suburban Town Centers designed for pedestrians does not make the other 635 square miles of this city "walkable" by any stretch of the imagination.

I understand accentuating the positive, but damn.

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