Thursday, September 06, 2007


From Jack and Jill Politics:

It is just too ironic that BET is being taken to task by the likes of CNN over THIS video.
And the host, Tony Harris, needs to check himself. Brotha's been watching Bill O'Reilly too much. In the real world, the right people are probably getting the message of "Read a Book" but I can't help but be frustrated at the massive distraction that shows like this CNN farce are to the real work that needs to be done which is to reclaim the images and messages of our people from those who have sold us self-destruction in the name of profits.

I agree. I watched CNN's segment regarding this video and thought it was actually pretty outrageous for several reasons.

First, the set for the story equated the creation and airing of this video on BET in the same vein as Sesame Street, the Electric Company, and the Schoolhouse Rock series.

Second, CNN managed to find a group of parents who were all completely outraged about the video, yet must not have been able to find anyone with an opposing point of view.

Third, Tony Harris. Damn.

The aptly described Bill O'Reilly wannabe went into every commercial break saying that the "controversy" regarding this video was next up on the show, only to come back with something completely different. I'm glad he was able to put aside his faux outrage long enough to lead tease every segment with this, finally airing the story near the end of the broadcast.

From the moment I saw the Read A Book video I got the point that it was satire aimed at the rap music industry and it amazes me that this is even registering on the controversy scale. And if you've ever watched MTV's Cribs or any show of that type, you know that a lot of these rappers do need to read a MF'ing book. Among the Bentleys and SubZero refrigerators and all the other bling, there's never a bookshelf anywhere in site. I haven't seen one yet anyway.

If you watch the rest of the videos played on BET with real live people in them and no redeeming message to speak of, I think it would be fairly easy to find one worthy of this type of "outrage." But this? C'mon y'all. This whole "controversy" is just so much BS to keep you bogged down in so that you don't have time to pay attention to the real issues of the day.

Judge for yourself, the Read A Book video is here:

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That Girl Boo said...

of course you know I 100% agree with you DP, the smoke screen is a distraction from the thunder storm, and they try the old divide and concur, sorry it's not going to work my eyes are on the prize, shame on you Tony Harris for even acting in such a manner, as a teen I listen to tons of gangsta trash labeled as music, and I only wish there was an overall positive message with a cool beat such as "Read-A-Book"