Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hell in a Handbasket

I was reading Field Negro's posts from the past few days, but this one in particular matched my mood today. So forgive me Field for blogging on basically the same thing, but your posts really got me to thinking about what the hell is going on in this society.

The murder rate in cities like Philadelphia and New Orleans is through the roof, mostly of the senseless variety; a horrific rape and assault in Florida that defies description; the murders and attempted murder of 4 promising young students in New Jersey; etc., etc.. The list goes on and on, but the aforementioned involve our people. Then i got an email today detailing this incident that took place about a month ago.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) A man fatally shot his three children and then took his own life in a Montgomery home Sunday night as law officers hunted for him on a domestic violence claim by his estranged wife, police said.

...Eric Robinson, 42, was found in the house where his wife, Brenda Robinson, lived with their three children. Robinson, who lived at a different address, fatally shot the children, (police spokesman Barnett) said. The three children a 4-year-old girl and boys aged 6 and 11 were found in Eric Robinson's car outside the house where the wife lived with her children and her mother. The police spokesman said there had been an "ongoing domestic violence relationship" and officers had been actively looking for Robinson after his wife signed a warrant Sunday afternoon accusing him of violating a protective order.

I had not heard about it until today, but suffice it to say, this takes the cake. I have no problem with someone who feels the need to shoot themselves, but damn, leave the kids out of it. How in the world can you even bring yourself to aim a gun at a 4, 6, and 12 year old? And if there was a protective order against the husband for domestic violence, what was he doing with the kids unsupervised?

But the real question is what the hell is wrong with people these days? Has the daily dosage of violence that we see in the form of bombs dropped in the name of democracy around the world desensitized Americans to violence? Video games maybe? Fatherless households? Poverty? What? I don't know the answer to my own question, but I do know that something is obviously wrong. Especially with us.

There used to be a time, not long ago, when an incident like those above happened you didn't have to ask if the perpetrator was Black. We just did not do stuff like this. Now, you just don't know. And it's getting worse.

America has some soul searching to do, and in Black America, we reaIly need to take a close look inside. I just hope we have enough time left to do it before this path we're own takes us all straight to hell, whether here or in the afterlife.

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