Monday, July 23, 2007

Introducing: That Girl Boo - Or, Did She Really Use Ferric Orthophosphate In A Sentence?

I would first like to say "thank you" to DP the HBIC (Head Brother in Charge) of the famous (or is it infamous) There... Already. First for taking the time to start the blog, and secondly, for allowing my words to be heard.

So, let me introduce myself.

You can call me That Girl Boo, and I live in Houston, TX. My goal is to educate us and keep us informed about our health. I'm not a doctor or a health professional "yet," I'm just a sista who one day asked herself why are there fifty ingredients in every food that I consume for myself and purchase for my family, and why can't I pronounce half of the ingredients? Then I asked myself "if a splat of ferric orthophosphate was sitting on my plate right now, would I eat it?

The answer of course is no, so why would I eat this same poison in my rice?

I took things a step further and teamed up with a nutrition guru, and together we learned about the benefits of eating organic foods in comparison to traditional foods. I've since been taking the time to learn (and I'm still learning) what the doctors and health professionals aren't teaching us; namely that all of these chemicals are slowly harming us.

It is my hope to bring what I've learned to our African-American family with the same type of energy and dedication as I did for myself and my family. It is my hope that little by little we can all educate ourselves about how to prepare foods without destroying all of the nutrients. Together I plan to take us on a journey where we can educate ourselves about organic foods, pesticides, non-irradiated spices, holistic medicines, essential oils, the benefits of water. We'll take some side trips to get more information about the toxins in our make-up, deodorants, cleaners, tupperware, soaps, mattresses; the list goes on and on.

So hang on ya'll because were going to get down right deep about the chemicals and toxins that were surrounded by and ingesting everyday. The million dollar question for this week is "are all of these toxins causing the huge array of cancers that everybody you know keeps coming down with?" Want my opinion? We'll check out my next post! Until then, the next time you're in the grocery store reaching for that tomato that's been sprayed with pesticides, remember that the bugs had enough sense not to eat it, and so should you.

Until Next Time,

That Girl Boo


JoLynn Braley said...

Hi Boo!

I think you're on the right track with your million-dollar question! Were all of these cancers (especially colon cancer) so prevalent over 30 or 40 years ago, prior to the advent to the processed and fast food industry?! Good question! ;)

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous really. The prevalence of all of these cancers and other diseases pretty much has to do with what we're eating, drinking, breathing, or wearing. It simply was not like this even a couple generations ago, maybe less. We are the proverbial frogs in the boiling pot of water; too complacent to realize we're being cooked alive.