Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Blood

I'm sure y'all noticed that the pace of new posts has slowed to a crawl around here, and the reason is pretty simple; I've been busy. But while I've been too busy to blog regularly, important issues like
school resegregation, the Genarlow Wilson case, the Jena Six, Pakistan's implosion, Michael Vick's dogfighting empire, and about a million others have passed without any acknowledgment on this blog. Which got me to thinking, why not bring in a little new blood to keep content flowing in this space?

So after an exhaustive search of Houston and the surrounding areas, I've opened this space up to two people with completely different perspectives and passions and I want to introduce them to you now.

First up is That Girl Boo. No, no, no, not just Boo, it's like A Tribe Called Quest, or A Pimp Named Slickback - you got to say the whole thing. Say it with me now, That Girl Boo. Now That Girl Boo is passionate about how the food we eat and other things surrounding us in our daily lives are impacting our health and well being and will be bringing us information from her perspective on that subject matter. Look for her first post a little later.

Also coming aboard is my man Buzz B. This brother has the technology scene down cold, and has a knack for putting complex technical issues into terms that you and I can easily understand but more importantly figure how this stuff is really impacting our lives. Buzz B. is also know around here for having the pulse of the local political scene.

So please help me welcome There... Already's new contributors and I hope you enjoy their work.


Villager said...

Welcome back! And a welcome to 'That Girl Boo' and 'Buzz B' as they join your crew.

I invite you to visit my Manic Monday unveiling of a little known aspect of Black history if you have time or inclination.

peace, Villager

k said...

Thank You So Much for the Love,
"Villager", you have an awsome site, I just need to take a bit more time to explore your links & such, and you can count on me to do just that. Until next time my Brother.
That Girl Boo