Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Po' Folks; Not Just in the Hood Anymore

This post and article is a few days old but well worth a read. You can find the original post by (and a Hat Tip to) Darren Hutchinson over at Nice work, and and very nice site. Check them out when you get chance.

The New Suburban Poverty

...The result is a historic milestone that has gone strangely ignored: For the first time ever, more poor Americans live in the suburbs than in all our cities combined. read more...

The article is deep enough, but the comments to Mr. Hutchinson's original post are even better.


Anonymous said...

This is so very true, but the mass media isn't talking about this basic stuff, it seems to me that all these rich folks are moving their companies and families right on up out of America. The games that they are playing with our minds should be a crime. The problem is many of us can see the problem, including the fact that companies are just down right greedy. Last year my very small family and I received AC bills that were expensive enough to make a grown man cry. So what's the plan ya'll?
My fear is that America will bring us (especially us of a darker hue) to our knees before they even acknowledge the problem. So I ask again, What's the plan? My suggestion would be to start with the music.


DP said...

I think the emerging Afrospear will help spur formulation of a plan. The problem is has been that we're all working in silos, not knowing what others are doing, thinking, feeling, etc. That can change through the power of instan communication and our bloggers talking about our issues is definitely going to be part of the solution.