Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Now That's Some Paper

A fascinating breakdown of Black Spending Power from the Electronic Village.

...African Americans are projected to have spending power of approximately $1 trillion a year by 2010.

...$1 trillion seems like a number to celebrate. Nevertheless, a whopping 24.9 percent of all Blacks are still officially classified as poor and critics complain that despite its absolute size, Black income is failing to create Black wealth because it tends to flow into Black communities and right back out... read more


Villager said...

DP - Thanks for the link-love! I will add your blog to my blogroll later this day. I like the flow of your village!

peace, Villager

T.C. Dipped said...

That's some serious paper. We have talked about this (me and my girlfriends) for years and years and years to our knucklehead cousins and their friends, to our friends who skipped college and went right into corporate j-o-bs, to older black folk. But like you say " ain't hearing what we're trying to say."

Can you IMAGINE what we could do if we put this money to use in our own communities? This is what I'm talking about. I really enjoy reading your links, dp. Great finds!

DP said...

T.C. - As usual, your comments are on appreciated and on point. So far I can only imagine what we would/could do with such an investment in our communities. It would be nice for us to really start taking better care of our own.