Monday, April 23, 2007

The 20 Most Annoying Technology Products

AOL tops the list and I tend to agree. Thoughts?

...the carpet bombing of free AOL discs was possibly the most annoying (and environmentally irresponsible) marketing campaign ever waged.

Estimates put the number of discs shipped between July 1993 and July 2006 at over 1 billion; we feel like we received that many ourselves. read more...

Hat tip to Dwight Silverman at the Houston Chronicle's TechBlog


T.C. Dipped said...

Good list. The two that have resonated with me most are the Norton Security (which I later found out I didn't really need to install on a Mac; everytime I open a browser, iTunes, WHATEVER, I have to go through 3 minutes of waiting for the "security" to scan through the files-pain in the ass!); the second is MySpace. I had to let MySpace go, I was using it for serious networking but when Ty Ty, Makisha and Sexy Girrrrrrl and them want to be added to do Young Joc and Rich Boy street teaming, I had to get off MySpace-again, PAIN IN THE ASS.

As the technology gets better, I think more and more junk will be added to the list.

DP said...

t.c. dipped - thanks for the comment. You're right about Norton, I had to get rid of it a few years ago. And I remember using AOL in the early days and it basically acted like a virus on my computers. You couldn't do anything without it getting involved. There's plenty more junkware out there now too, and th esocial networking and file sharing together are really clogging everybody's systems with spyware and adware.